I need a lawyer – how does it work?

When you need a lawyer, this is how we work:

STEP ONE: You contact us (02-4244-0339)
We will briefly discuss with you your case and organize a consultation for you with one of our lawyers. Generally consultations are available within seven to eight days of your call or in cases of emergency we will make special arrangements. 

STEP TWO: First Consultation
This is your opportunity to bring any paperwork or notes you have relating to your case. We will go through that paperwork and obtain information from you regarding your case. Once we have sufficient information we will be able to give you advice concerning how to proceed. Then it’s up to you to instruct us how you want us to run your case. We will help you by making sure you have all the information you need to work out what your next step is but it is always up to you to decide.

We provide you with information on our anticipated legal costs in representing you. Before we proceed you have the opportunity to agree to our costs or, if you wish, to seek other representation. Generally our costs are set out as a flat fee rather than an hourly rate. This helps you by ensuring you know precisely what your costs are before commencing with your representation and ensures that your matter isn’t drawn out unreasonably.

STEP FOUR: Going to Court.
As we are a criminal litigation practice, the next step generally involves going to court on your behalf. This can be to make representations for you in a sentence matter or to defend you against Police allegations (in a hearing matter). 

If you have been spoken to by Police, they wish to interview you or you are being charged we urge you to contact us before you take further action. We always advise that you don’t participate in an interview with Police until you have first sought legal advice.

Contact us on 02-4244-0339 for assistance.
See our website for more information.