Should I Plead Not Guilty?

“Should I plead not guilty? Won’t the Police be angrier if I do?”

That was the questioned asked by a client recently at the Parramatta Children’s Court. Our advice is always that pleading guilty is an admission in the most formal and lasting way that you did the crime charged. It’s common sense that you only say you did something if you did.

The fear of reprisals or consequences (including ongoing attention from Police) is often something that worries a client. It’s never a reason to plead guilty. If the prosecution have sufficient evidence, then of course there may be a reason to plead guilty but everyone has the right to require that the prosecution put up their evidence or shut up.

After-all, it’s the prosecution who bring the allegations, it’s only fair that they should have to prove them.

Be quick to assert your rights to a trial and slow to give them up – once they are gone, you can rarely get them back.