Bad Cops Keep Their Jobs

This from todays Daily Telegraph online:

“TWENTY law-breaking police have been allowed to keep their jobs despite being involved in cover-ups, assaults and destroying drugs which have been seized. 

Their punishment was “forced disciplinary transfers” allowing them to work as law enforcers by accepting moves to different commands. [AK: also known as a “Hospital Pass“]

The most notorious case involved a detective who had “sexual intercourse with a civilian in a police car while on duty” which was uncovered by The Sunday Telegraph last year.

The married officer – formerly of the Redfern command – was demoted but kept his job despite the police taking out an AVO to keep him from the woman, a teenage model.

The other cases of serious and at time criminal misconduct include:

– A senior constable who sprayed a colleague with insulin as a “practical joke”.
– An officer who allowed a civilian to drive a police vehicle with the siren on – and then tried to cover it up.
– Two budding forensic investigators who cheated on their physics exam.
– An officer who turned a blind eye to a drug detection and destroyed the evidence.
– A sergeant who badly bashed his wife and kept an unlicensed air rifle at home.

Details of each case were provided to The Sunday Telegraph following a Freedom of Information request, which took two months.

The officers received their disciplinary transfers between July 2009 and March 2012.”

Full article here.