Time for another Royal Commission in NSW

In 1995 a groundbreaking and significant review into Police corruption and practices in general was conducted. Known as the Wood Royal Commission it delved into the depths of Police misconduct, ultimately leading in no small part to the resignation of then Commissioner Lauer and paved the way towards an overhaul of the force, the employment of greater professionalism and improved conduct protocols across the board.

Today NSW Police have some of the best educators, training and faculty development at the Police College and again throughout an officer’s career.

However the incident on the weekend in which two boys were shot by Police raises sufficient question for there to be a review conducted, by a senior judicial figure, as to the use of violence by NSW Police.

In recent months, there has been a number of incidents involving Police violence. It is timely to remind those young officers in the force, whose memory may not stretch back so far as 1995, of the valuable lessons learned and the changes (for the better) that Commissioner Ryan implemented.

What of the Police Integrity Commission I hear you say? It is irrelevant. I have acted for a client who was thrown against the wall sufficiently to cause his apparent unconsciousness. When reported to the PIC, their response was that it wasn’t sufficiently serious for them to investigate.

Take the hands out of the PIC and put it back in the hand of Justice Wood, the fellow who’s skill and compassion sought out wrong and set the state on the path to making it right.

For more coverage see this morning’s article in the SMH from whence the above picture came.

Aaron Kernaghan.