Art Gallery Law

Penrith District Court has heard details of a case involving Sydney solicitor Michael Sullivan.
Sullivan, a partner at Leahy Lewin Nutley Sullivan, who has previously worked for Freehills and Mallesons, was in court to plead guilty to a charge of stealing two artworks worth $14,500 from a Blue Mountains art gallery in December 2008.
The statement said that “the accused stepped back and examined the two paintings and then picked up the paintings, opened up the French doors and placed the paintings on the veranda. A driveway ran down the building on that side. The accused then went back through the restaurant and exited the premises.”
When Gallery director Geoff White eventually realised the two paintings, valued at $14,500, were missing, he studied camera footage and contacted police.
The paintings were eventually tracked down hanging on the wall of Sullivan’s Killara home.
Sullivan allegedly told police he had paid a $2000 deposit at the gallery and had taken two paintings home.
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