Epic Fail – NSW Attorney General’s Staff Hiden Behind Call Centres

Legal Practitioners were once able to make calls to their local court house and to sort out details in an efficient manner – such as organising for practitioners to attend court to attend to business, and relieving the court staff of the need to have solicitors constantly at their public counters.

Most importantly, it used to be possible to contact the court, be put through to the Cells and ensure that details for clients who are detained are organised.

Now, it is impossible to do that. All phone calls go through to a central call centre that can only take messages and have someone call you back at some later time. That’s completely useless, especially for time sensitive matters where persons are in custody.

If it is the case that communications can be centralised, then obviously the Attorney General should centralise all court staff to Sydney or Parramatta and close all local courts. I’m sure if that was the issue in the offing, that the local courts would be happy to once more take our local calls.

In the meantime, lawyers are spending precious time on the phone, able to do no more than leave a message – with our clients having to pay the expense. It’s as ridiculous and useful as a four minute elevator trip to the same floor you got on at.

A call-centre operation for a court house is completely inefficient and impractical which, no doubt, experienced practitioners would have pointed out if someone had bothered to ask.

Epic fail.

Aaron Kernaghan