Other new laws….

The RTA has had a field day/month/year expanding it’s enormous power-base and revving up new laws.

Among the other specials introduced since 1 November, 2012:

– Visual display units (like IPads) can no longer be used while driving a car for GPS unless it is secured in a fixed mounting. 

– If you cross the road as a pedestrian while the light is red, you can be fined $66.

– If the light turns red as you are crossing the road as a pedestrian, and you don’t finish the crossing without delay, you can be fined $66.

– If a pedestrian is crossing the street that you are turning into, you must give way to the pedestrian. Fine: $298.

– You can’t take your animal on your motor bike anymore – at least not between yourself and the handlebars (apparently this has been happening a lot) – $397 fine.

– When entering a roundabout you must give sufficient warning to other drivers by signalling before entering the roundabout. Previously you only had to indicate when leaving the roundabout. – Fine: $165.

In our view, using a roundabout should be a crime.