Strip Search Anyone?

POLICE have launched an investigation into claims a man was ordered to strip naked during a drug search in full view of bystanders as he picked up tickets for a Mardi Gras party.

It is the third internal NSW Police investigation into officers’ conduct during the Sydney Mardi Gras festival.

Sydney creative director Gary Leeson, 55, said he was “humiliated” and “bullied” when NSW police ordered him to remove his pants and underpants during a drug search.

Mr Leeson was approached by a sniffer dog at 4.30pm on February 23, at the gates of the Sydney Mardi Gras Harbour Party in the Botanic Gardens, and taken by police into a covered enclosure for a full search.

He said he was patted down and repeatedly told he was lying when he said he did not possess any drugs. Then he claims police said: “Now drop your pants.”

He alleges there was a gap in the tarpaulin covering the area and people walking past could see inside. “[They could see] my bare butt,” he told “I was not comfortable with that at all.

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