Customer Service – Fired for putting out fire

Policies gone mad. Total and utter insanity:

A US man has been sacked from his department store job for helping put out a fire in a customer’s van.

David Bowers was behind the counter at a Meijer store in Otsego, Michigan, last month when a customer ran in requesting urgent assistance, he told UpNorthLive.
“When the guy came in and said his dashboard was on fire I grabbed the fire extinguisher and I followed him outside and sure enough his dashboard was on fire,” Mr Bowers said.
While he knew his actions were against company policy, Mr Bowers said he thought management would understand this was a special case. He quickly put out the fire and returned to his post.
Later that day, however, Mr Bowers was called into the shop director’s office and suspended.
“The one supervisor told me that my heart was in the right place, but my brain wasn’t,” Mr Bowers said.
Meijers said in a statement: “The safety of our customers and team members is a top priority at Meijer. We have a very specific protocol in place for our team members to follow when emergencies occur and we can’t allow any deviation from the policy that could put our customers or team members at risk.”
Ken Kuzon, the customer in need, said he couldn’t understand why Mr Bowers would lose his job.
“I just think it’s ridiculous why should you be penalised for being a good Samaritan,” he said.
Mr Bowers, who said he had been reprimanded once before for leaving his post to chase a shoplifter, is now looking for a new job.
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