Thank you Court Staff and Legal Aid Staff Everywhere


As we begin to rush towards the end of the year, the courts of the state are winding up to end their term. Customarily a large number of cases are dealt with in an attempt to finalise matters before the Christmas shutdown which in the case of the Local Court is usually a week or so but in the case of the District Court is several weeks.

As Christmas descends and lights, Santa and other seasonal magic fill media attention some of the great work of the Court system goes without a mention. It’s at this time of year that the people who work behind the counters of court Registries, Legal Aid and law offices throughout the state go that extra bit further, helping everyone out with their difficulties. 


Today I saw a fellow who was a bit down-and-out of luck. He couldn’t afford to lodge an appeal and he couldn’t sign his name or read the appeal form. He was helped out by a woman behind the court desk with dignity and style. The man left the court knowing what was going on and having been treated to the sort of respect that all of us would expect. It may not be just Christmas that brings this out in each other, but it’s certainly something that’s consistent with the Christmas spirit.

It’s easy while we’re all rushing about to be short with each other, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to those wonderful people who work behind the scenes at court, at Legal Aid and everywhere that lawyers do their work – you have made a year of litigation as smooth and efficient, respectful and respectable as possible. All this, with your customary professionalism.

Thank you and best wishes for the season and the new year.

Aaron Kernaghan – Principal Solicitor
Kernaghan & Associates