Shocking Video of Police

Police Brutality?
Will there be anyone charged?

A former WA policeman appearing to punch and knee a prisoner in the head has been released after a lawyer for the constable failed in a court bid to suppress the video.

CCTV footage showed an 18-year-old man with his head seemingly pulled back by the force of a neck hold.

At one point, both his feet are off the ground and he is seen slumping, although there is insufficient evidence to conclude he lost consciousness. He is then taken to a padded cell and stripped naked by five police officers.

Three weeks later, the same officer is seen on camera punching and kneeing a 31-year-old man after the detainee hit him in the nose. The officer is later seen throwing the detainee to the floor, face down while his hands are cuffed behind him. He is then left face down and unresponsive.

The report concluded the actions of the former constable, who resigned in May, might constitute criminal assault.

“Might”??? What do you think? The footage is disturbing and caution should be used. Click here for the video and full article.