Higher Functioning….

The Director of the FBI, James Comey, has created a stir recently by advising that the FBI are missing out on employing many highly functioning and intelligent computer analysts due to their use of Marijuana.

He was quoted at an American Bar Association Conference into White Collar Crime saying “I have to hire a great workforce to compete with those cyber criminals and some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview.” 

It is understandable that Mr Comey as the head of the FBI would need to consider all options that allow his organisation the most effective way to fight criminals even if that means hiring criminals (pot smokers). It is interesting that the comments from Mr Comey come within months of recent changes to the law in Washington and Colorado whereby the recreational use of Marijuana is now legal. 

In New South Wales severe criminal sanctions still apply for the possession and supply of Marijuana. The Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (NSW) specifies that the possession of under 30 grams of Marijuana (Cannabis Leaf) is a ‘small amount’ but the possession of over 500 grams is determined as a ‘traffickable amount’. However, as society’s attitude changes towards the use of Marijuana it may be that laws are eventually relaxed and the possession of Marijuana becomes decriminalised. 

It will be interesting to see how the law in relation to Marijuana and other prohibited substances develops in New South Wales and abroad. However for the time being it would seem that the FBI employment aspirations of young pot smokers is up in smoke. 


For more on the subject read here: http://time.com/107525/up-in-smoke-fbi-wont-change-rules-on-pot-smoking-recruits/



It’s one thing to jump online and be hip and happening – but it’s altogether different to be online and totally misjudged. 

The operators of the Facebook page for Lachlan Local Area Command (out at Parkes, NSW) put up a post on May 6 which is breathtaking in the trite way it deals with a serious issue:


The post shows a more insidious concern – the subtext is a contempt for those who suffer from drug addiction at the hands of some of the most serious drug offenders. It does remind us of the way in which Police proactively seek our drug users rather than the dealers that we have been told by successive attorney’s general are the real target of “powerful new laws” (aren’t all new laws always so powerful).

This is a poor-taste post by Police and really doesn’t do anything but remind us that the problems with law and order in this state are more nuanced than just posing the question, “what do we do about the bad guys?”

Beautiful Courts of the World


Today we go to Innisfail in the far north of Queensland, Australia. Innisfail was known as Geraldton until 1910 when the name was changed to avoid confusion with a town of the same name in Western Australia. It has a population of about 8,500.

Located at 10 Edith Street, the courthouse is a two-story brick building with a corrugated-iron roof. It is the town’s third courthouse. It still operates as a court house where the Innisfail Magistrate’s Court sits.

The building was completed in 1939, is heritage listed and was designed by the Public Works Department. It’s construction was part of a public employment program designed to increase job opportunities.


The price of the ‘boganaire biff”

After news broke of Billionaire James Packer and Channel 9 Boss David Gyngell getting into a street fight on a Bondi street on a sunny Sunday morning the media went into a meltdown. Frenzied bidding wars for the photos followed by memorable headlines so hilarious that Australia’s king of successful bogans, Karl Stefanovic, lost his marbles on national television.

Not since the great state of origin biffos has Australia been so captivated by two blokes duking it out on a quiet suburban street, especially those two blokes. Why were they fighting? What lead them to this? All valid questions overawed by the spectre that is two fully grown (and middle aged) men going at it in their Sunday best (track dacks or tracksuit pants for you non-bogans).

But what is the cost of the fracas (apart from the obvious bad look for business)? Well today NSW Police have issued the pair with a criminal-infringement notice for offensive behaviour. If uncontested then each will be fined $500.00 and no conviction will be recorded against their name.

Now if either had made a statement against each other much more serious charges of common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm or even affray could have been laid. However, it seems that they have both escaped with a few bruises, a damaged ego and a fine that both can easily afford.


For the full article read here http://www.theage.com.au/lifestyle/celebrity/james-packer-and-david-gyngell-issued-with-criminal-infringement-notices-20140509-zr7w5.html

For the best of state of origin biffs click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TecOGR_1hoU


The fall of Rome.

Today another Minister has fallen to the mighty sword of ICAC. Police Minister Mike Gallacher did not even have to walk into ICAC to loose his position as an upstanding and ‘honourable’ member of Parliament.

ICAC has heard allegations that Mr Gallacher was involved in a plot to hide a developer’s involvement in payments to an alleged Liberal Party slush fund. The allegation is that Mr Gallacher and former energy minister Chris Hartcher hatched a plan to hide donations from a development company controlled by mining magnate Nathan Tinkler to a business called Eightbyfive.

After the news came to light in evidence today the former Police Minister immediately resigned leaving the new Premier to deal with even more political fallout in a corruption scandal that has bridged both sides of state politics.

It would appear that counsel assisting the Commission, Geoffrey Watson SC, has become a modern day Elliot Ness. Dispensing with those intertwined with the submerged NSW Political landscape in a methodical and un-confrontational way, a smiling assassin rather than a vigorous pitbull. The stumbling upon new ‘information’ and evidence surely has those at the top shaking in their boots wondering if the mere mention of their name will cause their own empire to fall.



Botched Execution

ImageWhen talking about death administered by the state, this is what we’re talking about.

Botched, horrendous execution – more here.

NewsChannel 4′s Courtney Francisco was a witness to the scheduled execution, she provided the following time line:

6:23 PM – Prison officials raise the blinds. Execution begins.

6:28 PM – Inmate shivering, sheet shaking.  Breathing deep.

6:29 PM – Inmate blinking and gritting his teeth.  Adjusts his head.

6:30 PM – Prison officials check to see if inmate is unconscious.  Doctor says “He’s not unconscious”.  Inmate says “I’m not.”  Female prison official says, “Mr. Lockett is not unconscious.”

6:32 PM – Inmate’s breathing is normal, mouth open, eyes shut. For a second time, prison officials check to see if inmate is unconscious.

6:33 PM – Doctor says, “He is unconscious.” Prison official says “Mr. Lockett is unconscious.”

6:34 PM – Inmate’s mouth twitches.  No sign of breathing.

6:35 PM – Mouth movement.

6:36 PM – Inmate’s head moves from side to side, then lifts his head off the bed.

6:37 PM – Inmate lifts his head and feet slightly off the bed.  Inmate tries to say something, mumbles while moving body.

6:38 pm – More movement by the inmate.  At this point the inmate is breathing heavily and appears to be struggling.

6:39 PM – Inmate tries to talk.  Says “Man” and appears to be trying to get up.  Doctor checks on inmate. Female prison official says, “We are going to lower the blinds temporarily”.  Prison phone rings.  Director of Prisons, Robert Patton answers the phone and leaves the room – taking three state officials with him.

Minutes later – The Director Of Prisons comes back into the room and tells the eyewitnesses that there has been a vein failure. He says, “The chemical did not make it into the vein of the prisoner.  Under my authority, we are issuing a stay of execution.”