The fall of Rome.

Today another Minister has fallen to the mighty sword of ICAC. Police Minister Mike Gallacher did not even have to walk into ICAC to loose his position as an upstanding and ‘honourable’ member of Parliament.

ICAC has heard allegations that Mr Gallacher was involved in a plot to hide a developer’s involvement in payments to an alleged Liberal Party slush fund. The allegation is that Mr Gallacher and former energy minister Chris Hartcher hatched a plan to hide donations from a development company controlled by mining magnate Nathan Tinkler to a business called Eightbyfive.

After the news came to light in evidence today the former Police Minister immediately resigned leaving the new Premier to deal with even more political fallout in a corruption scandal that has bridged both sides of state politics.

It would appear that counsel assisting the Commission, Geoffrey Watson SC, has become a modern day Elliot Ness. Dispensing with those intertwined with the submerged NSW Political landscape in a methodical and un-confrontational way, a smiling assassin rather than a vigorous pitbull. The stumbling upon new ‘information’ and evidence surely has those at the top shaking in their boots wondering if the mere mention of their name will cause their own empire to fall.