The price of the ‘boganaire biff”

After news broke of Billionaire James Packer and Channel 9 Boss David Gyngell getting into a street fight on a Bondi street on a sunny Sunday morning the media went into a meltdown. Frenzied bidding wars for the photos followed by memorable headlines so hilarious that Australia’s king of successful bogans, Karl Stefanovic, lost his marbles on national television.

Not since the great state of origin biffos has Australia been so captivated by two blokes duking it out on a quiet suburban street, especially those two blokes. Why were they fighting? What lead them to this? All valid questions overawed by the spectre that is two fully grown (and middle aged) men going at it in their Sunday best (track dacks or tracksuit pants for you non-bogans).

But what is the cost of the fracas (apart from the obvious bad look for business)? Well today NSW Police have issued the pair with a criminal-infringement notice for offensive behaviour. If uncontested then each will be fined $500.00 and no conviction will be recorded against their name.

Now if either had made a statement against each other much more serious charges of common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm or even affray could have been laid. However, it seems that they have both escaped with a few bruises, a damaged ego and a fine that both can easily afford.


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