Hold on to your moustaches…. I mean Mustang’s!

In the world of modern policing gadgets and technology rule the roost.
Spare a thought then for Australia’s various state highway patrolmen who could very soon be rolling around in state of the art Ford Mustang’s! Now of course it is not quite as cool as the Italian Polizia who have three Lamborghini’s (no joke) and the Police in Dubai who have a fleet of Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Aston Martin’s and Mercedes, but still i’m sure the highway patrol are salivating at the thought of policing our roads in a Mustang.
The change is thought to take place in 2017 when all Ford’s and Holden’s will no longer have V8 engines and thus the need for a powerful car to chase those engaging in pursuits and to attend accident and crime scenes. So it is time to pull out those aviators, trim all but the upper lip and turn up the sound track to Bad Boys.