Are you a silent racist?

Beyond Blue have recently released a great campaign to highlight the ‘Invisible Discriminator’ that many Indigenous Australian’s face on a day to day basis.

The advertisement shows a number of everyday scenarios whereby Indigenous Australian’s are discriminated against. There is a person who prefers to stand up on a bus even when a person moves his bag over so there is a free seat, there is a shopkeeper who keeps his eye on a lady doing her groceries and there is a man drinking a beer at a pub whilst a group of non-Indigenous people make racist jokes across the bar.

The advertisement is a great reminder to all people that discrimination is not all about the overtly obscene racism that occurred recently on a Sydney Bus or to Swan’s great and 2014 Australian of the year Adam Goodes at a football match. The kind of discrimination portrayed in the advertisement is just as offence and more importantly just as hurtful.