The final showdown – Can the Bladerunner outrun the seemingly inevitable?

Well it is almost that time folks….much like your most loved television drama the finale to the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius is back. It seems morbid to use such language to describe the murder trial of Ms Pistorious whereby Ms Steenkamp suffered such a horrible and unnecessary death and in many ways it is. 

However, much like a television drama there seems no end to the speculation, innuendo and rumour. As two of South Africa’s most senior legal practitioners battle it out of the next few days to try and convince the Judge of their respective cases during the closing arguments. 

It seems like an eternity since this case first started. Indeed the trial has now been going over five months and the latest delay was due to the psychological assessment of Mr Pistorious. The assessment confirmed Pistorious was now suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but said that he was not suffering a mental illness at the time of the alleged offence and therefore that cannot be used to prevent him from being held criminally responsible for his actions.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel called Mr Pistorious ‘deceitful’ and said that his evidence had been ‘on call’ and manufactured to suit his defence. It will be interesting to see what Mr Pistorious’ lawyer, Mr Barry Roux, submits during his closing address tonight (AEST) as many legal analysts fear the defence case was split into two separate (and mutually exclusive) positions during Pistorious’ time in the witness box and that the prosecution case is almost unassailable.

Time will only tell but in the meantime it is time to sit back and watch the biggest trial since OJ Simpson. Whatever the outcome of the case, it will be interesting to see what South Africa and the World make of the legal process at the end of it all. After all this was supposed to be South Africa’s demonstration to it’s people of justice system. 

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