Palmer United Party ‘De-Railed’

It was a weekend that went from bad to worse for Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie. After first posting a photo to her Facebook page of an Afghan policewoman shooting a gun while wearing a burka with a caption calling for the garment to be banned, she then went on the ABC’s Insiders Program and said that Sharia Law involved some kind of terrorism.

When your own party leader needs to come out and post a statement calling for “Australian’s to unite” in a response to your comments you know that you might have made a mistake. Political commentator Andrew Greene called the interview a ‘train wreck’ and other likened the gaffes to former One Nation Politician Pauline Hanson.

In this day and age for one of our nations elected representatives to say such a thing it makes you wonder are we fighting a global ‘war on terror’ or an internal ‘war on error’.

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