Merry Christmas! To All! Everyone! Everywhere!

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Merry Christmas to our entire family of followers both here in Australia and across the ditch in NZ. In fact season’s greetings to everyone west of the international date line. Don’t worry for those of you who are still in Christmas Eve mode, we’ll send you a message when the sun gets round to your part of town.

For everyone on their own today, jump online and say hello to someone – it’s Christmas all day on the internet.

Best wishes to everyone!

When you steal from a dying woman…


A man (Byron Hickles – pictured above) has been handed down a sentence that is just shy of eight years in gaol in Sedgwick County Court. Hickles was part of a group of men who were convicted of stealing things from a 43 year-old woman who had driven through a drive-through restaurant and crashed her car – she had suffered a brain aneurysm that killed her the following day.

Now crime always happens, but when a crime like that happens, you have to ask, has something profoundly, structurally, gone wrong?

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Merry Christmas from Kernaghan & Associates


From all of us here at Kernaghan & Associates, we are wishing you the very best for the Christmas and New Year period. We hope that you will have a safe and wonderful time watching cricket, opening presents, meeting up with friends and family and preparing for the new year to come.

Christmas Trading Hours:

We are open until noon on Christmas Eve.

Our office will be closed from 12 PM on Christmas Eve and will re-open for business at 9 AM on Monday 12 January 2015.

Our out-of-hours and emergency service is available on call on (02) 4244-0339, 24 hours a day. If you or someone you know requires a lawyer, please call us on that number and leave a detailed message so that we can respond to your call within the hour.