Timothy Wilson Comments: Sydney Law Firm Heavily Crticised for Using Targeted Facebook Advertising

In the modern day age of advertising, companies can pay to promote their advertising based on an analysis of your FaceBook profile. These are the adds that are on the side of Facebook to the sponsored pages that come up in your news feed.

A Sydney law firm has been heavily criticised for using this model of targeted advertising after promoting criminal law services to a potential pool of young people users who share their interest in music and clubbing on Facebook.

The law firm has been criticised that the advertising could be construed to endorsing recreational drug use and drug use at festivals.

The law firm has defended their position by saying:

“It’s not about promoting drug use. It’s a creative way of marketing,”

“We’re putting ourselves out there.”

A spokesperson for facebook has confrimed that Facebook doesn’t allow anyone to advertise anything illegal on the site,”.

You can read the full story here: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/law-firm-targets-facebook-users-who-like-festivals-to-advertise-drug-services-20150118-12sp5h.html


What do you think about this form of advertising? Should it be allowed? Is it wrong or just very creative? Give us your comments.

Timothy Wilson,
Senior Legal Clerk

Timothy Wilson

Oliver Stephens, Law Clerk Comments:

Reports confirmed yesterday that Brazilian surfer Ricardo Dos Santos died after being shot three times in the stomach and chest outside his beachside home at Praia da Guarda do Embau earlier this week.

Following the shooting, Dos Santos was flown to St Regis Regional Hospital in Santa Catarina, Brazil. However despite reports of three attempts at surgery and being placed into an induced coma, hospital medical staff were unable to revive Dos Santos.

It is still unclear as to what provoked the shooting. Brazilian media outlets have confirmed that the assailants were a 25-year old off duty police officer and his 17-year old brother. Both men have been arrested over the shooting.

Dos Santos is well known in surfing communities for his upset win in the 2012 Billabong Pro Tahiti Trials, beating Kelly Slater in the main event.

You can read the full story here: http://www.smh.com.au/sport/professional-surfer-ricardo-dos-santos-shot-dead-in-brazil-20150120-12ukax.html


Oliver Stephens,
Law Clerk