Steak Fracas?

The most politically incorrect man on television, Jeremy Clarkson, has done it again.

Social media has been awash this week with news of Jeremy Clarkson causing a ‘fracas’ with a producer of Top Gear over the lack of food options during a shoot in the North of England this week.

Details have emerged that the host got extremely angry after a day of filming when he was not allowed to order a sirloin steak and it was instead suggested to him that he might like some cold meats and cheese. OUTRAGE!

What ensued has been hotly debated and speculation has been rife. The BBC called it a ‘fracas’, others called it a scuffle, perhaps it was a melee? Whatever happened it was enough for the BBC to stand Clarkson down indefinitely, cancel the airing of this weeks episode and place the entire program’s future in jeopardy.

It has been reported that before Clarkson could escalate the situation into something more serious he was placated and was provided with a $42.00 piece of steak in a private room. He apparently then refused to leave a pub for two hours whilst the helicopter that had been arranged to transport him and his co-stars to their hotel.

As the fallout from the fracas gathered pace, Lord Hall, director general of the BBC, disclosed that he would personally oversee the investigation and will decide what to do with Clarkson “based on the facts”.

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