A Helping Hand for an Amazing Young Woman

Cassidy Richardson receiving an IPad from Aaron Kernaghan, Principal Solicitor at Kernaghan & Associates.
Cassidy Richardson receiving an IPad from Aaron Kernaghan, Principal Solicitor at Kernaghan & Associates.

Kernaghan and Associates and its staff through our patronage, support and participation of musical theatre and the arts have come to know many individuals in the community over many years. Sometimes it’s great to be able to highly one very strong, and inspiring individual and today we send a shout out to Cassidy Richardson.

Cassidy is a year 12 student this year and is currently in a bit of a battle to get the sort of help and equipment she needs to finish her schooling and make good on her potential. See, Cassidy has some special requirements because she has Tourettes. She is an amazing spokesperson and has played an important role making people aware of the special challenges that go with having such a special condition. Here is a TV interview that she did a few years back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjo_TVOFHSc

We met Cassidy through our support and involvement with local community work. She has been doing a tremendous amount of work in musical theatre and performance – she is a terrific and accomplished dancer and actor. Hailing from a family of incredibly talented people (they’re all performing artists!), Cassidy has support for both her condition and her unique and special way of trying to deal with it. She has been in many shows and performances in the Illawarra for years now and is an inspiration. Cassidy suffers from severe Tourettes and has times of great troubles, especially with schooling and the writing component. The hardest part has been getting people to understand the great challenges of simple tasks.

Some local friends pulled together a Facebook group to raise funds to buy an IPad for Cassidy and a whole heap of amazing things that will help her to express herself, get the writing done and achieve amazing things. When Kernaghan and Associates found out about this, we thought we would get on board and so Aaron Kernaghan, the Principal of the firm bought her an iPad Air 2.

In addition to this, a Facebook fundraiser was put together by Louise Hamilton and Hannah Garbo, putting it all together under the ever-watchful eye of Cassidy’s big brother and super-hero guardian, Tyler Richardson. Many people showed their support and have put in to help Cassidy.

All of us here at Kernaghan and Associates want to shout out our support for Cassidy and wish her the best. And we’d also like to shout out to everyone who joined in helping her out. It’s great to be a part of a community that achieves something so quickly (it all came together in literally, less than half a day). With the money that was raised, many accessories and assistive devices were purchased for use with Cassidy’s iPad.

Best wishes to a great member of our little community and all the best for your HSC! Cassidy, you are a true inspiration to young people everywhere.