Witnesses at the Royal Commission.

CS25-(1)The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is a special opportunity for survivors of sexual abuse to be heard at the highest level of Australian law. It gives voice to people who have been forced to be silent or unable to speak for far too long.

Survivors can be greatly assisted by having legal representation though they often don’t know about it nor that it doesn’t cost them a cent to have a lawyer.

Survivor witness at the Royal Commission can have representation provided, free of charge. Doing so lets them be empowered to interact with the Commission in a way that is often impossible or very difficult without the help of an experienced litigator.

Part of the job of a survivor’s lawyer is to:

  • represent your interests, in addition to those of the Royal Commission;
  • speak for you during the hearing, demand answers of abusers and institutions and holding them to account;
  • write and communicate in formal submissions to the Royal Commission to both defend and advance your interests;
  • ensure that everything that is important to you is brought out in your statements and evidence at the Royal Commission hearing;
  • provide all of the documentary evidence to you with scrutiny, analysis and advice;
  • help you to understand the process and be sure your evidence is clear and your full story comes out.

CLC002_Image_aboutSays Aaron, “the best thing about our legal system is that everyone has the opportunity to have someone speak up for them, stand with them and to say what must be said, especially when memories, emotions and pain is too much for one person to manage on their own.”

Legal Assistance for people appearing before the Royal Commission is available through Knowmore (who can be contacted directly on 1800-605-762) and the Commonwealth Government who provides special financial aid to cover all costs associated with having a lawyer.

For assistance, contact Kernaghan & Associates on (02) 4244-8339 or at www.kernaghanandassociates.com.au

DPP Alison Saunders defends decision not to prosecute Janner (#UK #childabuse #crime #VIPaedophile)

DPP Defends not prosecuting Lord Janner

Order Of Truth

jannotIn an exclusive interview with the London Evening Standard, Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders defended her decision not to charge the Labour Peer Lord Janner with historic child sex crimes.

Responding to claims that her decision was part of an establishment cover-up, Saunders said “I’m not part of the Establishment. If it was an Establishment cover-up I’ve had to pay a very heavy price for it. I am independent. I guard my independence as DPP very jealously. It’s certainly not a cover-up.”

Despite compelling evidence against Janner, the decision not to prosecute him was made because of his mental health, which four doctors have claimed makes him unable to understand the legal process, questions put to him, or follow instructions.

Saunders decision has been backed by members of the legal profession. A senior QC, David Pannick, has also backed Mrs Saunders over the issue, while another criminal barrister…

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I need a shot of Tranquility

Like the Ocean

When ever I need a shot of tranquility,
When even I need to rejuvenate,
When ever I need a kick in the butt,
When even I need to find my self – I get to nature.

This shot is from a lovely night at Mt hood. It is always quiet an experience to be admits nature and once the sun goes down its even more intimate 🙂

It has been quiet a while – time to make some plans and shake some hands, with nature !

Canon 7D : Tamron 18-270 : ISO 100 : 18 mm : f3.5 : 301 sec

Buy Print Reflections by Mt Hood
Trillium Lake, Oregon, USA

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April 23 in history

April 23 is upon us… here is what happened on this date in history…


215 BC A temple was built on the Capitoline Hill dedicated to Venus Erycina to commemorate the Roman defeat at Lake Trasimene.

1014 Battle of Clontarf: Brian Boru defeated Viking invaders, but was killed in battle.

1229 Ferdinand III of Castile conquered Cáceres.

1343 St. George’s Night Uprising.

1348 Edward III announced the founding of the Order of the Garter.

1521 Battle of Villalar: King Charles I of Spain defeated the Comuneros.

1564 – William Shakespeare, English writer and actor was born. (Traditional approximate birth date (in the Julian calendar) based on April 25th baptism) (d. 1616) .

1597  William Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor was first performed, with Queen Elizabeth I in attendance.

1621 William Penn, English admiral was born (d. 1670).

1635 The first public school in the United States, Boston Latin School, was founded.

1660 Treaty of Oliwa

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US woman allegedly faked being a lawyer for over a decade

Definition of fraud

Who would have thought that a situation so similar to popular USA Network Television Drama ‘Suits’ could actually happen? We often wonder when watching the show, would Mike Ross actually get away with practicing law having never attended law school? Perhaps we now have an answer. A Pennsylvanian woman has been charged with forgery and unauthorised practice of law after pretending to be a lawyer for over ten years.

According to a report in the Daily Mail Ms Kimberly Kitchen allegedly forged a law licence, bar exam results, emails substantiating her attendance at Duquesne University law school and a state attorney registration fee.

In her time practising, Ms Kitchen was a named partner at BMZ Law Offices handling estate planning for over thirty clients and even served as the local Bar Association President.

Ms Kitchen faces a maximum penalty of five years in relation to the forgery charge and a maximum penalty of one year for the unauthorised practice charge. She is likely to defend one of the charges.

For more on this story see: http://www.lawyersweekly.com.au/folklaw/16340-fake-lawyer-duped-firm-for-over-a-decade