Autistic Boy Kept in Cage in CANBERRA


Think Australia doesn’t have some serious problems? Wonder where made concepts of the nanny state leads? It leads to people thinking that it’s a good idea to put an autistic child in a cage so as to sort out his behavioural problems.

The article on today reveals that a ten year old autistic boy was put in a cage in his classroom.The school principal has been suspended pending an investigation which is now underway.

The investigation will look at how the Canberra school allowed the structure, a 2m by 2m cage made from pool fencing, to be used as a “withdrawal space” for the child. The metal cage was erected inside the boy’s classroom on March 10 and removed when ordered to do so by the ACT Education Department, after the boy’s parents made a complaint about it to the Human Rights Commission.

Is this Australia? Yes. Should it be condemned? Utterly. Will the people responsible be subject to criminal justice? Highly unlikely. Why? Because we excuse those who act with the power of the nanny state – “they’re trying to do their best in tough circumstances” is the frequent explanation. Every interaction begins with a grasp of the rights of each individual. Everything starts there and should be guided from that concept. What next? Shall we segregate all indigenous students? Perhaps students in wheelchairs should be made to sit in designated “disabled” spaces. Perhaps children with red hair can sit in the back of the class room while students whose parents are same-sex might be put in a different room altogether (for their safety of course).

Whoever is actually responsible (assuming someone is) for this shameful assault upon the dignity of a child should be sacked and banned from teaching children ever. They should be placed on a child abuse register. They should be bought to justice. ‘Will they?’ is the question that goes begging here. Let’s see for how long.

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Aaron Kernaghan


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