Australians… have you Pirated/Torrented Dallas Buyers Club? Expect to Get a Letter…

cover326x326Not to alarm anyone unnecessarily or anything but something just happened this afternoon in the Federal Court of Australia that will mean if you have pirated movies, you could be expecting a nasty letter in the mail.

More immediately, anyone who might have downloaded a torrent and seeded the movie file “Dallas Buyers Club” (which we’re not linking here to give it unnecessary publicity), will find that their details may be among the thousands detected by the film maker and which the Federal Court has this afternoon made orders be handed over by the internet service provider iiNet and some others.

The Federal Court ruling has serious implications for private individuals. The company will get a hold of your details and be able to go after you for compensation and other legal causes related to copyright infringement. This will continue into the future and sets a significant precedent.

This is a major development for the law of Australia and will have long-lasting consequences across the pirate and torrenting sector. Be aware.

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