SoCal Deputies Caught On Camera Beating Suspected Horse Thief, Investigation Ordered

Another disturbing development in law enforcement. It now seems a day doesn’t pass with some further revelation of seeming depravity.

CBS San Francisco

HESPERIA, San Bernardino County (CBS SF) – The San Bernardino County sheriff has ordered an investigation after a video surfaced of deputies who chased down a suspected horse thief and beat him badly.

“It is disturbing and it appears on its face that there are violations of policy, but that will ultimately be determined in the investigation and to what degree,” Sheriff John McMahon said in the Los Angeles Times.

Video taken by a Los Angeles TV station showed the suspected horse thief getting tossed from the horse and deputies making the arrest.

First, it appears they use a stun gun, but they aren’t done. At least two deputies appear to start kicking the suspect and punching him, even though he is on the ground with his hands behind his back.

Several other deputies show up and the beating keeps going for about two minutes.

The suspect is identified…

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