US woman allegedly faked being a lawyer for over a decade

Definition of fraud

Who would have thought that a situation so similar to popular USA Network Television Drama ‘Suits’ could actually happen? We often wonder when watching the show, would Mike Ross actually get away with practicing law having never attended law school? Perhaps we now have an answer. A Pennsylvanian woman has been charged with forgery and unauthorised practice of law after pretending to be a lawyer for over ten years.

According to a report in the Daily Mail Ms Kimberly Kitchen allegedly forged a law licence, bar exam results, emails substantiating her attendance at Duquesne University law school and a state attorney registration fee.

In her time practising, Ms Kitchen was a named partner at BMZ Law Offices handling estate planning for over thirty clients and even served as the local Bar Association President.

Ms Kitchen faces a maximum penalty of five years in relation to the forgery charge and a maximum penalty of one year for the unauthorised practice charge. She is likely to defend one of the charges.

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