DPP Alison Saunders defends decision not to prosecute Janner (#UK #childabuse #crime #VIPaedophile)

DPP Defends not prosecuting Lord Janner

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jannotIn an exclusive interview with the London Evening Standard, Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders defended her decision not to charge the Labour Peer Lord Janner with historic child sex crimes.

Responding to claims that her decision was part of an establishment cover-up, Saunders said “I’m not part of the Establishment. If it was an Establishment cover-up I’ve had to pay a very heavy price for it. I am independent. I guard my independence as DPP very jealously. It’s certainly not a cover-up.”

Despite compelling evidence against Janner, the decision not to prosecute him was made because of his mental health, which four doctors have claimed makes him unable to understand the legal process, questions put to him, or follow instructions.

Saunders decision has been backed by members of the legal profession. A senior QC, David Pannick, has also backed Mrs Saunders over the issue, while another criminal barrister…

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