Hiking Mount Keira

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Hiking Mount Keira

Standing at 464 meters tall Mount Keira is one of the tallest mountains in Wollongong and a local land mark. The climb up there through the rainforest is challenging and lots of fun! When you finally reach the top, you have fantastic views over Wollongong and the ocean! Try to spot famous places like the UOW campus or your residences – it makes you realize how big the campuses are! Ideally, you can have a snack on top of the mountain, so you get rewarded for your workout before, so bring something nice and have a little picnic!

Word of advise: Do not do the hike when it is either very hot or rainy. The hike itself is quite exhausting, so don’t do it when the temperatures are very high. Also try to avoid rainy days as it can get really slippery.

(For all the lazy ones: you can drive…

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