Weekend Wanderings: Walking the Streets of Melbourne

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Yesterday morning I got to spend some time with a new client and we walked around the streets of Melbourne to take photos. It was a One on One Photography Session that her husband got for her for her birthday. It was a great morning for taking photos and I certainly enjoyed myself, and I hope my client did as well.

melbourne-city-streets-architecture-snacks-1025 Hopetoun Tea Rooms

I started by taking some photos at Hopetoun Tea Rooms, well in the window. It was nice as it was early and I could just take photos without lots of other people getting in the way.

I got to take some photos of some birds and St Paul’s Cathedral and then I met my client. We went and had a coffee at the new Cafe 1932 at the bottom of the Manchester Unity Building before heading out to take some photos. I loved the Cafe and…

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