Law Students Don’t Want to Practice Law… well many of them don’t…

lawyerThe Women Lawyer’s Association of NSW has found that only 61 per cent of law students want to practice as lawyers.

In an article published today, the Association reveals that only 61% of law students actually want to practice law. The article doesn’t concern the extent to which that is a product of current law school teaching approaches or how it might be that student disinterest in practice is the impetus for practice-flaccid teaching of law around Australia, but presents some interesting food for thought.

Twenty-eight per cent of lawyers were not sure whether they wanted to practice as a lawyer and 11 per cent said they didn’t want to practice.  Women were more likely to study law because of an interest in social justice, while men were more likely to study due to good income or having an interest in government or politics.

The study surveyed 1,403 students across NSW who were either in their final year or undertaking practical legal training.

But the article does make this reference to this issue: “Both the Career Intentions Survey and the 2013 national Survive Law survey suggests that a lack of information about the skills required to practice as a lawyer and a lack of access to work experience opportunities may be influencing the numbers of students intending to practice as a lawyer.”

Full article here.