Deep Blue Sea For Real!

Look out Samuel L. Jackson, the sharks are real!!! It seems that you can’t open a Newspaper or your internet browser in the last month without there being a reference to sharks. True it is that there has been a seemingly alarming increase in the amount of worldwide and local shark and human encounters that even 3 x world surfing champion couldn’t escape! Just when you thought things couldn’t get anymore scary for those of us that like to take a dip into the brine then footage released this week from Mexico shows a six metre, 2200KG great white shark coming up to check out some cage divers (and one diver who is inexplicably not in a cage!). Finally, like a scene from a summer on Amity Island (See JAWS) on the New South Wales North Coast over the weekend a 5 metre tiger shark was caught accidentally as it ate the 6ft hammerhead shark that was on the charter fisherman’s line!! I’m not sure about you but every time I get in the water recently the familiar Da Na Da Na Da Na noises get a little louder.

For the footage of the Deep Blue shark click here.