Commissioner Heydon’s Decision on Application to Disqualify Himself

Commissioner1As is well known, Commissioner Heydon has handed down his reasons for not recusing himself from further sitting in judgement upon the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption.

We’ve received a great deal of comments and feedback from our readers regarding the basis of his reasons and how it could be that a Commissioner who agreed to deliver the sixth Annual Sir Garfield Barwick Address (an event organised by the Lawyer’s Brand and Legal Policy Branch of the NSW Liberal Party) did not appear to be a person who might be biased in favour of a Liberal philosophy when it comes to trade unions and the issues he is currently investigating. To understand the significance, one has to keep in mind that Trade Unions are typically and traditionally the heartland of the Labor movement in Australia.

The Royal Commission has released the decision itself and we’ve included it here in the interest that everyone can consider Commissioner Heydon’s reasons in his own words.

Click Here: ReasonsforRulingonDisqualificationApplicationdated31August2015