Because forced medical treatment by governments has never worked out badly…

chemical-castrationA new taskforce has been set up to look into chemically treating by use of anti-libido drugs (also known as ‘chemical castration’) on child sex offenders.

The taskforce will report to Government by the end of the year with recommendations.

It has been suggested that the taskforce should look at a range of potential improvements, including introducing a sentencing option for the courts to order an offender to undergo anti-libidinal treatment.

The taskforce includes representatives from Corrective Services NSW, the Department of Premier and Cabinet, the Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network, NSW Health, the NSW Police Force, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Public Defenders Office, the NSW Bar Association and the Law Society of NSW.

Victims’ representatives include the Victims of Crime Assistance League (VOCAL), Bravehearts, the Homicide Victims’ Support Group, Enough is Enough, Adults Surviving Child Abuse and the Survivors and Mates Support Network.

I support dealing with child abusers justly which means (to me) with severity, deliberation and great caution. I don’t support the government requiring citizens (whoever they are) being forced to have medical treatment for child sex crimes anymore than I support people who repeatedly spit on the street having their saliva glands surgically removed. Medical interventions are premised on consent and that noble profession should carefully guard itself against an erosion of that principle. It is already a grey area in the case of force psychiatric treatment. I’ve worked too many cases involving medical practitioners deciding what is best, only to realise a decade or two later that maybe, just maybe, they made a mistake…

Aaron Kernaghan