Honestly, ask a lawyer first, then make sure they listen to you.

askasolicitor-campaign-2012-download-250x250  The amount of times in any one day that help is needed to fix advice that was flawed or faulty is incredible. People seek out help with good intentions and a lot of very high hopes, but often that is dashed by quick talking and a lot of dismissive commentary.

A lawyer listens. That’s their primary job. We listen to what you say, what you want and where you are up to. Then we take action. You don’t have to understand the action, a lot of lawyers will explain it to you in great detail. The important thing is to make sure your lawyer understands you and not the other way around.

solicitors-pageA lawyer who understands their client will be the lawyer who can achieve a result. It’s no good talking about how this and that will be done. Sure, a surgeon can tell you how he will use his scalpel but is it as important as being clear that a procedure will be done to achieve a healthy outcome? Lawyers who want to tell you about the process may not necessarily be the ones for your needs. The process is what a lawyer specialises in, it’s the unique skill-set. But the outcome is the focus of any client and it’s that which must be the centre of the lawyer-client relationship.

solicitor_1492452cIn Australia today, there as many young lawyers getting a start in the profession as there are experienced practitioners. The question is who has the answers? Experience counts, so does vision, but most importantly, seek out the lawyer who listens. That’s the art under which lies a great deal of science. See how often your lawyer actually listens to you. Is their firm capable of being a listening firm? Or are they a speaking firm? One that tells you what is happening, how you’ll be managed and what to do?

It’s up to you which one is best…