The Awful Truth


Today the world is confronted by drama, real drama. But the truth of the matter… we MUST have a Royal Commission into just why the South African Accent is so annoying.

That isn’t to say we are in favor of abandoning the South African accent. It is the national pride, apparently, of some people and a point of distinction for others (we don’t know any of them of course). Everyone is entitled to their own accent. Even Australian’s have one – English and Bogan.

We just want to have a serious, judicial look at what it is that makes the South African accent so special. So particular. What gives it its sense of… well… you know.

Not that we encourage anyone to be mean.

But the awful shameful truth is, no-one will iffa furgit the sinds cimming frim the tee-vee during the Iskar Pissed-orious trial. That prosecutor has a lot to answer for…