Science Proves Everything: Negativity and the Need for an Adjustment in your Life

12009802_10154270478662222_1898233758239847607_nSo  having negativity in your life will only breed further negativity for you.

So much is the conclusion of a sixteen thousand year study conducted by the Human Race and the Institute of Divine Interventions. In the study, human participants (it isn’t clear if they were voluntary) were housed in a garden in which every thing they required was made available. The environment, named Eden, ensured maximum positivity and happiness.

As the experiment continued, the controllers introduced regulatory regimes in which random objects that ordinarily would have been available to the human participants, became the subject of close scrutiny or prohibitions on use. In one experiment, an apple was designated as being unavailable for use or there would be serious repercussion.

The presence of that apple, began a process of gradually disenchantment and discontent that resulted in its use, in violation of the experiment rules. The result – the human participant was expelled from the experiment with her family unit, who proceeded to kill one another. Coronial inquiries are still going on at a theological level in relation to that but charges are not expected to be laid.

Does creating a negative experience in a positive life impact that life in such a way as to begin a process of gradually overwhelming the life? Possibly. The experiment continues…

In other news, the word shower has come to be used to describe all manner of weather condition, even though the correct terminology is “rain shower”. Alas.

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