Feeling Anxious? Put Down Your Screens and Improve Your Life, Creative Lawyers

Leaving the Law

Lawyers are some of the most anxious people I know. As I’ve written about before, high anxiety is so common in the profession that many attorneys don’t even understand that there are other ways of being.

If you feel like this most of the time, it's past time for a digital fast. If you feel like this most of the time, it’s past time for a digital fast.

While the anxiety levels have been a constant for as long as I’ve been around law, it has become harder than ever to for most lawyers to decompress. That’s because the rampant addiction to screens has stolen those pockets of time that we used to have to mentally wander and process all the crap in our lives.

If you have a creative streak you want to start tapping into, screen addiction is even more damaging.

Screens encourage focus on that thing immediately in front of you. When your attention is fixated on flickering pixels, even funny ones of cat…

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