Blurred Identities: The Threepenny Opera between Stage-Play, Musical and Film

John Gay’s popular 1728 play The Beggar’s Opera drew on the conventions of drama, ballads, and opera. Two centuries later, in Germany, his play was adapted into the new medium of film in the form of the Threepenny Opera. Judith Wiemers (Queen’s University Belfast) traces the shifting relations between theatre, music and film in her essay in the new issue of Postgraduate English. This […]

Another Hong Kong bookseller goes missing

Source: Another Hong Kong bookseller goes missing


Hong Kong (AFP) – A Hong Kong employee of a publishing firm known for producing books critical of the Chinese government has gone missing, his wife said Friday, following the earlier apparent disappearance of four colleagues.=

It is the latest incident to fuel growing unease in Hong Kong at the erosion of freedoms in the semi-autonomous Chinese city, with fears that the five men may have been detained by Chinese authorities.

Lee Bo, the chief editor of a publisher which produces books on Chinese politics, was a colleague of the four others.

A source said Lee, 65, was last seen in Hong Kong on Wednesday at the publisher’s warehouse, which he is in charge of.

Lee’s wife Sophie Choi also said he was in Hong Kong Wednesday but went missing that night.

“Apparently he met somebody and subsequently disappeared. This is very shocking if it is true.”

Hong Kong was handed back to China by Britain in 1997 under a “One Country, Two Systems” arrangement. It enjoys liberties not seen on the mainland, including freedom of the press and publication, but there are fears these are under threat.

When the four other publishers disappeared last autumn Lee had said he was a shareholder in the Mighty Current publishing company.

“I think (it has happened) probably because of publishing matters… political books banned on the mainland,” he told AFP at the time.

The other men who went missing are Gui Minhai, a Swedish national and co-owner of the Mighty Current publishing company. Local media said he failed to return from a holiday in Thailand in October.

The publishing company’s general manager Lui Bo, an employee Cheung Jiping and bookstore manager Lam Wing-kei are also reportedly missing after disappearing in southern China in October.

Rights groups had expressed concern at the previous disappearances, with Human Rights Watch saying there was a “concerted effort” by the mainland to prevent Chinese political books travelling from Hong Kong to China.

Hong Kong publisher Yao Wentian, who was due to release a dissident’s book about Chinese President Xi Jinping, was reported to have been detained for almost three months in January 2014.

In May 2014 Yao, then 73, was sentenced by a Chinese court to 10 years in jail for smuggling.


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Why Do You Hate The Sound Of Chewing, Nail Clipping Or Pen Clicking?

Does the sound of someone chewing, or the sound of nail clipping drive you nuts? You might just be dealing with misophonia – a rarely diagnosed disorder.

Misophonia, which means “hatred of sound,” is a rare chronic condition with which certain sounds provokes someone’s intense emotional experience. The term, misophonia, was first coined by neuroscientists Pawel Jastreboff and Margaret Jastreboff of Emory University in 2002.

Sometimes referred to as selective sound sensitivity syndrome, the most common irritants as identified in a 2013 study include eating sounds such as lip smacking and swallowing; the sound of breathing and the sound of typing and pen clicking.

Source: Why Do You Hate The Sound Of Chewing, Nail Clipping Or Pen Clicking?

Hundreds of Dubai’s tallest buildings are infernos waiting to happen — Fire Danger Due to Poor Use of Materials

Source: Hundreds of Dubai’s tallest buildings are infernos waiting to happen — Fire Danger Due to Poor Use of Materials

A closer look at the 63-storey luxury tower, which had to evacuate guests and residents, as well as throngs of customers of the hotel’s seven restaurants, at the height of New Year’s Eve celebrations due to a massive fire at 9.30pm on Thursday.

The Address Downtown Dubai hotel will be closed indefinitely after suffering extensive damage, according to Emaar Properties .