Families of 9/11 victims accuse Obama of ‘siding with Saudi Arabia’ by refusing to declassify 28 pages of report that ‘shows Saudi Arabia backed atrocity’ as Gulf nation threatens to pull $750 billion in US assets — Peace and Freedom

1294781568575910468.pngA strategic partnership may give rise to secrets that, in the national interest, have to be kept secret. However, keeping information classified, if it is for the purposes of avoiding offence with a strategic partnership is not a security interest. It’s an arranged marriage of undefined content and one that we are all asked to simply accept. It’s rare, these days, for an arrangement like that to be acceptable to informed and educated people.

Being polite with your strategic partners is not national security. It’s decorum. If that is the truth to the present situation, then there is no legal standard being applied here. Instead, it’s simply the preservation of a geo-political status quo that does not render the alliance credible nor foster public support.

We are asked to accept at face value that which calls for questioning. That’s a big ask and one that can only be asked by a President with credibility to do so. Is that the current situation?

By DAILYMAIL.COM REPORTER PUBLISHED: 08:36 EST, 17 April 2016 | UPDATED: 09:07 EST, 17 April 2016 The families of 9/11 victims in the US are reportedly infuriated at the administration of President Barack Obama for ‘siding with Saudi Arabia’ over a congressional bill that could incriminate Saudi officials for the deadly attacks on September 11, […]

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Cardboard Planes. — Old Guv Legends

If you want to create detailed and imaginative flying machine sculptures that look like they’re about to take flight, cardboard is hardly the material to use. Unless of course you’re artist Daniel Agdag (previously), who has been toiling away creating a series of new works each more detailed and fascinating than the next. “The Principles […]

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Car Crash? Use your Smart Phone…

QLm3AxAAccidents are awful for the people who have been in them, as well as for their loved ones – even if it’s a fairly minor fender bender, things can be frightening and shocking.

Many things may go through your mind after the accident and you may feel helpless in case you are alone – but you can begin to put things in order by using the strengths of your Iphone or similar smart phone device.

  1. Call for help – if anyone is injured you must call for medical assistance.
  2. Report to the Police – if it’s minor, the accident will probably just need an event number, which ringing the Police Assistance Line will get you. If it’s major, the Police will attend and sometimes the Crash Investigation team will also be on site (particularly if the crash involves death).
  3. You have an obligation to stay on site. Do not flee the accident – that can land you in more trouble and lead to criminal charges.
  4. You have a moral obligation (most would say anyhow) to provide assistance to your fellow human beings. Look after each other as best you can.
  5. Remain calm, cool and collected (the three Cs). Doing this will help you get through the shock of what has happened.

jR183Now, with all that out of the way, how does an Iphone help? Well you can call for help first of all. But secondly, assuming everyone is fine and everything is just a matter of there has been some damage that someone will have to pay to fix, it’s time to do the following:

  1. Photograph your car, on each side, front and back.
  2. Photograph the other car, if there is one, same way.
  3. Photograph any panel on the cars that has damage.
  4. Photograph the other cars number plate.
  5. Photograph a wide shot that depicts the roadway where the incident talk place.
  6. Photograph the Driver’s licence and any insurance details of the other driver (if there is one).
  7. Record and exchange contact details.

The recording of the above details helps to create an instant and relatively objective record of the condition of the vehicles involved and the state and layout of the road at the time of the accident. If there is anything remarkable that may have contributed to the incident (such as the angle of the sun, pot-holes or anything relevant) grab a shot that depicts that too. You never know if things will be the same if you come back. In fact, roadways in Australia have a remarkable habit of changing very shortly after an accident.

hilarious-improvised-mercedes-car-emblemObtaining those details and making these records will enable you to provide a first draft of what will ultimately be your statement to the Police or for the purposes of a lawyer or an insurer. All of these things are very important.

If you are confronted by someone who is clearly neither rationally or reasonable, or someone who is attempting to bluster their way out of being “in the wrong” by thumping and stomping and threatening, there is nothing to stop you from pulling out your phone, saying, “I’m recording this” and switching on your recording option. In that situation it is lawful to record for your own protection and to look after your own legal rights.

But most importantly, vehicles are objects, they’re not people. So look to what is important first and foremost. The law and everything involved, can always come later.

Finally, in accidents where you are at fault and someone has been injured, serious consequences can flow and it is vital that you seek legal advice, even if only over the telephone, as quickly as possible. If you don’t feel like you can or are too upset or distressed to do so, make sure you have someone (a friend or family member) take care of that for you. It’s a first step towards putting things back together and it must occur at the earliest possible time.

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Trump Promises Trouble

donald-trump6NBC News are reporting that Trump has warned of a dangerous July if things keep going the way they are in the Republican race for the Presidential nomination.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — After a week of crying foul against a “rigged” delegate process, Donald Trump on Saturday warned of a “rough July” if the party’s national committee doesn’t change how it chooses its nominee ahead of the GOP convention.

“They better get going,” he urged the Republican National Committee to cheers from the few thousand people at his first of two New York rallies ahead of Tuesday’s pivotal primary.

“Because I’ll tell you what, you’re gonna have a rough July at that convention,” the Republican front-runner continued. “You better get going, and you better straighten out the system because the people want their vote, the people want to vote and they want to be represented properly.”

The threat comes a month after Trump told CNN that he thought there could be “riots” at the GOP convention in Cleveland should the establishment push for a brokered convention.

“I guess I’m complaining because it’s not fair to the people,” Trump said. The real estate mogul has been complaining for days that the party’s process for selecting a presidential candidate is “stacked against” him and set up to protect party insiders.

Related: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to Trump: ‘Give Us All a Break’

At a later rally in Watertown, New York, Trump said the process was a “rigged deal” and called a handful of protesters there “phony.”

“It’s a whole phony deal, just like what’s happening with the Republican Party in terms of this delegate deal,” Trump said of the protesters.

Trump also turned on the New York charm Saturday, noting in Syracuse he shares a “twang” with New Yorkers — and never failing to remind at both rallies that Ted Cruz doesn’t like “New York values.”

“Ted Cruz does not like you and he does not like New York,” Trump said emphatically to the Syracuse crowd that cheered wildly when he mentioned his now-favorite moniker for Cruz, Lyin’ Ted.

Meanwhile, Trump was quick to tout that he knows “a lot about Syracuse.”

“You love Syracuse, I love Syracuse, we love New York, we love the United States of America,” Trump said.


Trump also focused in on a jobs message, again mentioning localized statistics on unemployment and manufacturing jobs and noting that unity will come through economic prosperity, as he has throughout New York primary campaigning.

“Jobs will bring us together,” Trump proclaimed.

Trump also added a new target to his list: the owners of the Chicago Cubs. Like he did on “Fox and Friends,” Trump lamented the Ricketts family funding attacks against him and predicted the team would do “terribly this year.”

From Wikipedia:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is a U.S. political committee that provides national leadership for the Republican Party of the United States. It is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican political platform, as well as coordinating fundraising and election strategy. It is also responsible for organizing and running the Republican National Convention. Similar committees exist in every U.S. state and most U.S. counties, although in some states party organization is structured by congressional district, allied campaign organizations being governed by a national committee. Reince Priebus is the current RNC Chairman.

The RNC’s main counterpart is the Democratic National Committee.

The 1856 Republican National Convention appointed the first RNC. It consisted of one member from each state and territory to serve for four years. Each national convention since then has followed the precedent of equal representation for each state or territory, regardless of population. From 1924 to 1952, there was a national committeeman and national committeewoman from each state and U.S. possession, and from Washington, D.C.. In 1952, committee membership was expanded to include the state party chairs of states that voted Republican in the preceding presidential election, have a Republican majority in their congressional delegation (U.S. representatives and senators), or have Republican governors. By 1968, membership reached 145. As of 2011, the RNC has 168 members.

The only person to have chaired the RNC and later become U.S. president is George H.W. Bush. A number of the chairs of the RNC have been state governors.

In 2013 the RNC began an outreach campaign toward American youth and minority voters, after studies showed these groups generally perceived that the Republican Party did not care about their concerns.

More information from CBS: http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/trump-threatens-rough-july-if-rnc-doesn-t-straighten-out-n557096?cid=par-time_20160416

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Anger With David Cameron Drives Protesters in London — Peace and Freedom

The mood continues to develop and grow across the world. This time, in Britain where protesters are calling for the PM there to stand down.

AFP © Justin Tallis, AFP | Thousands took part in the London protest against austerity and called for British Prime Minister David Cameron to stand down, on April 16, 2016 Text by NEWS WIRES Latest update : 2016-04-16 Tens of thousands of people marched through London on Saturday in protest against government spending cuts, with […]

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Austerity is a set of economic policies implemented with the aim of reducing government budget deficits. Policies grouped under the term ‘austerity measures’ may include spending cuts, tax increases, or a mixture of both,[1][2][3] and may be undertaken to demonstrate the government’s fiscal discipline to creditors andcredit rating agencies by bringing revenues closer to expenditures.

In most macroeconomic models austerity measures generally increase unemployment as government spending falls, reducing jobs in the public and/or private sector. Meanwhile, tax increases reduce household disposable income, thus reducing spending and consumption.

Since government spending contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), reducing the spending may result in a higher debt-to-GDP ratio, a key measure of a country’s debt burden.

When an economy is operating at near capacity, higher short-term deficit spending (stimulus) can cause interest rates to rise, resulting in a reduction in private investments, which in turn reduces economic growth. In the case of excess capacity, however, the stimulus may result in an increase in employment and output.[4][5]

A historical example in which austerity measures failed was in the aftermath of the Great Recession, where many European countries implemented such policies: unemployment rose to higher levels and debt-to-GDP ratios increased, despite reductions in budget deficits (relative to GDP).

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The beauty of natural colours

Folks, here’s yet another interesting image for your weekend. “2011 04 10 Treedom XII watching Taunus in the spring” by Mark Strobl, courtesy of Flickr Commons Today’s quote: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” ~ Arthur Ashe (Folks, it really is that simple..) ATTN: Susan with the Dell Studio […]

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