Wow! These photos are literally out of this world…

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It’s images like these that can make you question your entire existence…

Astrophotographers in Australia have taken photos of breathtaking, out-of-this-world images for the annual David Malin Awards.

The images were judged by Dr David Malin – a renowned astrophotographer – as part of 2016 Central West Astronomical Society‘s (CWAS) competition.

From stunning Arctic lights to the striking colours of constellations, here are some of the best night sky and space photos from the competition:

Smilin’ Orion

Smilin' Orion.
Overall winner (Troy Casswell/CWAS The David Malin Awards)

Trumpler 14

Trumpler 14.
Winner, Deep Sky category (Peter Ward/CWAS The David Malin Awards)

Stormy Stars

Stormy Stars.
Winner, Nightscapes category (Stephen Humpleby/CWAS The David Malin Awards)

The Milky Way over Bonnie Doon

The Milky Way over Bonnie Doon.
Winner, Light Pollution: The Bad and the Beautiful category (Neil Creek/CWAS The David Malin Awards)

Exaltation Moon Warrior

Exaltation Moon Warrior.
Photo Editor’s Choice category (James Stone/CWAS The David Malin Awards)

Star Factory

Star Factory.
Honourable mention, Deep Sky category…

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