Lawyer calls for Coronial Inquest into Wollongong Man’s Dissapearance



Almost five years after Mr Goran Nikolovski disappeared, leading NSW criminal defence lawyer Mr Aaron Kernaghan is calling upon the NSW State Coroner to open an investigation and to hold hearings into the death of Mr Nikolovski who went missing in October of 2011. Mr Nikolovski’s burned-out car was found at Macquarie Pass on 1 November, 2011 and he has not been seen since his disappearance.

Lawyer for the Nikolovski family, Mr Aaron Kernaghan said:

“It’s a shocking state of affairs to find that my clients, grieving for the loss of one son while the Police accuse the other son of horrendous crimes, have no answers. How can it be that in this day and age, the NSW Police, with all its resources have no answers after five years? How can it be that the State Coroner has not been involved? How can it be that this case is just disappearing beneath the waves of Police business elsewhere? One of our fellow citizens is missing and it’s unacceptable to have nothing to show for what seems to be a massive coordinated Police investigation.”

Despite the fact that Police have been interrupting the grieving family’s life by checking that their remaining son, Robert Nikolovski, is complying with bail, they have nothing to tell the family about their son’s disappearance or presumed murder.

“The resources that NSW Police are investing in checking whether or not Mr Robert Nikolovski is at home with his mum each night perhaps need to be reshaped and redirected into finding out where one of our community members has vanished to. After five years, the very least that the family can expect is that there be an open inquiry by the Coroner to determine what has happened and, if necessary, why has the Police investigation so miserably stalled?”

Despite the horror of having to live with the disappearance of their eldest son, the Nikolovski family continue to have to confront serious allegations against their remaining son, Robert Nikolovski:

“The allegations against Robert Nikolovski add insult to injury – they are allegations bought for a second time after the Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the original charges, now they’re having another go. If only they showed so much interest in the disappearance of Goran, the family and the community might have more confidence. The problem is that when an investigation lacks transparency and lingers on for as long as this apparently has, it undermines the credibility of those doing the investigating. It is now necessary to review and consider the conduct of Police charged with the responsibility of finding answers for the community into the disappearance and presumed murder. Serious questions must also be asked about whether or not those investigating the disappearance of Goran are involved in the investigation against Robert and if so, to what extent a conflict of interest has spoiled their efforts.”

Mr Kernaghan heads a law firm specialising in criminal defence litigation and representation throughout New South Wales and Australia. Mr Kernaghan acts on behalf of Mr Robert Nikolovski in all court related proceedings.