Euthanasia Coaster Designed For End of Life Ride


As much sadness as suicide brings to the world, you wouldn’t think anyone outside of those in prevention and grief counseling would feel compelled to work in that field, right?
Not the case for an inventor who says he’s designed the Euthanasia Coaster, the world’s most humane and beautiful way to end your life. And as creepy as the idea is, the process designed by Lithuanian engineer Julijonas Urbonas is completely painless and it even sounds kind of fun — at least the first part does.
The rider has time to think about his/her life and decision during a slow ride and climb of over 500 yards. At the top, s/he has time to say a prayer or wave, blow a kiss, or gesture to family before hitting a ‘fall’ button. The rider can also have a change of heart and not press the button.
(I’m guessing there’d be a way to make it go backwards if you decide to bail on the plan?)
When the ‘fall’ button is pressed, the rider takes a steep plunge and goes into a 360° loop — most riders would die from cerebral hypoxia here because the G-force would keep oxygen from reaching the brain. This lack of oxygen is what often causes a feeling of euphoria.
If the first loop doesn’t complete the task, there are six more consecutive loops that would.
“It would be a meaningful death. For the faller, it is a painless, whole-body engaging and ritualized death machine,” Urbonas says.
Ritualized death machine. Now that makes it sound a lot more like what it really is.
The Euthanasia Coaster has never been built full-scale; only miniature models exist at this point. If built, it would be three times taller than New Jersey’s Kingda Ka, the world’s tallest roller coaster, which stands 456 feet in the air.
As should be expected, there’s a lot of backlash from anti-euthanasia groups and the project has seen no interest from potential investors. Ubious
Apologies now to all who are going to be having the same nightmare as me — thinking you’re in line for the Texas Giant only to find out you got in the wrong line.